World's LARGEST Tractor Gets World's LARGEST Ag Tires! - BIG BUD 747

Jul 18, 2020
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The giant lives again! The largest agriculture tractor in the world finally drives again thanks to Goodyear Farm Tires for sponsoring eight of the world's largest farm tires! LSW1400 tires are massive! It was a match meant to be.
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Check out the new 1/64th BIG BUD 747 model!
Check out the mighty LSW1400 tire!
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  • buy it

    kmitchell911kmitchell9113 days ago
  • Sexy! 😍

    GGK FarmsGGK Farms5 days ago
  • Hi iam indian punjbi ਕਿਸਾਨ ਹਾਂ

    LakhvirGill72 LakhaLakhvirGill72 Lakha6 days ago
  • Those aren’t the worlds largest tires.

    I upload complete Utter nonsenseI upload complete Utter nonsense8 days ago
  • You guys need it

    Jaxon CollinsJaxon Collins8 days ago
  • Big buds are not the biggest tractor anymore

  • You guys need to have "Bud Off" with Maxi and Mini Me. Love the real patriot pride coming through the vid. Pride in your flag and what the previous generations achieved. Awesome video

    Robert ConaghanRobert Conaghan17 days ago
  • That tractor is so big it doesn't register as a tractor anymore ... more like planet tug machine ! What an amazing piece of engineering , the weight , the dimensions , the tires , the tremors caused at starting the engine ...WOW Imagine if this tractor gets modernized , updated with all new technology . But i wonder what will happen if that enormous piece of equipment stuck in mud ...

    George IsaakGeorge Isaak19 days ago
  • wow

    Fred Average MinvilleFred Average Minville21 day ago
  • I remember going past the the Big Bud factory when we'd drive down to Havre from Canada to go shopping when I was a kid. We always made a point of driving by to see all the big white tractors. And I remember stopping there once because everyone was making a big deal about a certain tractor that was parked right out front. I wonder if it was this one

    LowGMCSierraLowGMCSierra22 days ago
  • This is probably the most pointless piece of equipment ever.. And that's why they stopped making it.

    John Wick John WickJohn Wick John Wick22 days ago
    • Why is it useless

      daniel meenaghandaniel meenaghan21 day ago
  • I-it’s real... enough to make me cry...

    Juggy SimpJuggy Simp24 days ago
  • So your saying your a girl? Like if you herd that he said he was a school girl

    Salted peanuts YtSalted peanuts Yt26 days ago
  • All three of the shoes he named are made by slaves in communist China,lol

    clayton williamsclayton williams28 days ago
  • Wasnt the big bud 747 stored in a museum? Is it fully back on track again? I'm just a bit confused.

    GamerzDayz [Kanga Junior]GamerzDayz [Kanga Junior]28 days ago
    • @Welker Farms that is awesome. The 747 is too great to be left locked up. So much left in it. I hope this tractor will continue to make history and work many fields. You guys take care! Keep takin care of your rpic farm machines you guys have.

      GamerzDayz [Kanga Junior]GamerzDayz [Kanga Junior]28 days ago
    • It was for the past several years but now it had a new set of tires put on and was shipped back to its home in Montana

      Welker FarmsWelker Farms28 days ago
  • In my hometown there was about 10 Big Buds there.. I had the luxury of driving one. You can't tell you're in soft dirt.. It was a monster. I believe most are still there out in the farms.

    Michael A-1Michael A-129 days ago
  • That Tractor was built in Montana and the original tires for that beast was made custom made in Canada that's cool being that I'm Canadian

    79tazman79tazmanMonth ago
  • Bigfoot has nothing on the Big Bud that thing has bigger feet then Bigfoot that's for sure. That thing can pull a house around without having a trailer under it lol!

    79tazman79tazmanMonth ago
  • sorry i didnt understand, is this the worlds largest tractor? i guess i missed the part where you said it's the worlds largest tractor

    rigdigwusrigdigwusMonth ago
  • BIG BUD ON TRACKS, that’s what they need to make.LOL

    Caleb ClaywellCaleb ClaywellMonth ago
  • I wonder what the MSRP on that bad boy was when it was introduced? Also The two gentlemen that own this masterpiece must be loaded by the looks of that barn full of american classics... Super cool!

    TWLML420TWLML420Month ago
  • i call that a polution machine

    i don't carei don't careMonth ago
    • Rolling coal is the fun part!

      Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farmsBenjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farmsMonth ago
  • How to get it from the williams? Just put it under your shirt and run for it^^

    doppydoppdoppydoppMonth ago
  • Man what a awesome group of guys!! The owners seem like just amazing humans

    Heavy hauling IdahoHeavy hauling IdahoMonth ago
  • That engine Is basically two 8v92 gm's bolted together.

    Michael KerrMichael KerrMonth ago
  • This trip is why the Bud broke Leg Arms's arm. I'm just sayin'

    Shannon BrownShannon BrownMonth ago
  • Women be many men does it take to change a tire? Well hun, that depends on if big bud is there

    Joe's JunkJoe's JunkMonth ago
  • I forgot, Is this the worlds largest tractor?

    Sergio BalcortaSergio BalcortaMonth ago
  • Hate to see the repair bill.

    MudkingzMudkingzMonth ago
  • 120 000 $ of tire i think right ?

    click toxicclick toxicMonth ago
  • Release the Kraken

    Станислав ТрошинСтанислав ТрошинMonth ago
  • Case 150 Vs Big Bud tug of war , where would they get the rope?

    TheAndGproject ZTheAndGproject ZMonth ago
  • A god in the feilds

    Alexander PettitAlexander PettitMonth ago
  • how many Big Buds are there in the world today?

    Get ProbedGet ProbedMonth ago
  • Check out carbon cowboys. The farmer/author Wendell Berry in 'The Unsettling of America' states that industrial agriculture is going down the wrong path with farming based on more and more technology where it is a race to the bottom in terms of producing the most monocrops at the cheapest prices:​​

    Ivan KinsmanIvan KinsmanMonth ago
  • Seeing this video makes me glad that my local tractor show cancelled this year. It clearly saved lives. Since March I've been avoiding people, only going grocery shopping, wearing a mask if I have to be near someone, and then I see these people in July, shoulder to shoulder, no masks, no distancing, doing nothing to stop the spread of this plague... I consider it my patriotic duty to help stop this plague, things would sure be a lot different if everyone felt that way.

    musicynicmusicynicMonth ago
  • And I thought our case stx 530 was big this is huge u love it

    Brayden JanyBrayden JanyMonth ago
  • Take a shot every time they say "World's Largest"

    Wayne WelshansWayne WelshansMonth ago
  • Chinese or japan have not tried to make tractor of the same.

    Geoffrey MwangiGeoffrey MwangiMonth ago
  • what would the total width be ?

    doorrobdoorrobMonth ago
  • Great video, thanks for posting 👍

    John MobbsJohn MobbsMonth ago
  • yeah but what do you actually use it for? pull a 50 bottom plow?

    Michael WescottMichael WescottMonth ago
  • Super cool but is it practical? What would it be used for? What was the cost of those tires?

    Gary's GarageGary's GarageMonth ago
  • Incredible. Not one door ding!

    carbo2950carbo2950Month ago
  • Those lsw’s look so good on there

    Alex StammenAlex StammenMonth ago
  • in another video i heard they built more than one....more like 6 of them.

    stephen john graystephen john grayMonth ago
  • Soil destroyer !

    KiwiDutchKiwiDutchMonth ago
  • make a copy of the key while there changing the tires then late at night go steal it?

    TrevorTrevorMonth ago
  • What a treat to watch. Thanks for sharing the experience from a young at heart Georgia farm boy. GaMike

    Michael EdwardsMichael EdwardsMonth ago
  • I live in Iowa I

    Jane HarringtonJane HarringtonMonth ago
  • strange that no and even came trump

    dawson rogerdawson rogerMonth ago
  • That is a beautiful tractor, do you have any videos of it pulling discs or plows?

    Rakkasan 2/187Rakkasan 2/187Month ago
  • ..I'm a girl..I have a great idea..TIRE SWINGES.....know anybody with great big trees?.?..🤭🤭😎🤸‍♀️

    Sandra WardSandra WardMonth ago
  • So does anyone actually use these Buds anymore for farming? I assume tech has enabled the smaller tractors to do more with less fuel. I have to admit it was pretty cool seeing to go down the street. Glad someone is keeping these going still. I have to say that dash reminded me of a Versatile.

    Dave ZDave ZMonth ago
  • Only faces

    Sul TanSul TanMonth ago
  • your tractors are cool i wish i had them

  • I got goose bumps watching that tractor fire up and head down the road on those new tires. Stunning machine. Beats the heck out of the JD sitting out here.

    bubba wubbabubba wubba2 months ago
  • That is Soo BIG! THAT'S what she said...

    James MorrisonJames Morrison2 months ago
  • That's a tractor.

  • That's a tractor.

  • That's a tractor.

  • Wow!!!!!!!!!! American Muscle for sure

  • big thumbs up

    dave clarkdave clark2 months ago
  • I want to see what there gonna put behind that beast in Montana?

    Aaron MansfieldAaron Mansfield2 months ago
  • Next step/upgrade tracks, specially made for 747 :)

    Pawel SzczepaniakPawel Szczepaniak2 months ago
  • Thats a big tractor 🚜 some aussie guy tinkerin with Chamberlin

    Mark ArnottMark Arnott2 months ago
  • That tireman has it easy they are doing all the work

    x0marine4eva0xx0marine4eva0x2 months ago
  • You need to get the guy who built the Cornfield Corvette to soup up your detroit,

    d fobroyd fobroy2 months ago
  • Wut star Do you live in??

    Noel CouturierNoel Couturier2 months ago
  • This video was posted the day after I turned 50 What a Amazing B-Day present

    John C. PepperJohn C. Pepper2 months ago
  • Before that 747 went to Iowa ( ten years ago or so ) Ron Harmon called me and asked me to come home and do some painting for him in his shop. I was there for the month of January and in that time the 747 was on display in front of Big Equipment in Havre MT. Any way in that month of absolute bitter cold weather two families stoped from out of state and both families literally drove out of their way to see that beast. I was amazed at how some one would drive out of the way by several hundred miles to have a photo taken with that tractor. Any way cool video Welkers

    Lane BoucherLane Boucher2 months ago
  • Is it me or is this the worlds largest tractor? I think it's the worlds largest tractor. I'm sure they mentioned that it's the largest tractor in the world at some point.

    JonJon2 months ago
  • its kinda cool knowing ive stood there were you guys were standing

    gg gaminggg gaming2 months ago
  • 14:45 or thereabout would have been a perfect opportunity to recreate the "I'm flying" scene from Titanic!

    Vortigan07Vortigan072 months ago
  • I am assuming these tires are used on some other type of equipment... would be really costly to have custom made tires.. (Yes I know these were not cheep tires either)

    William HaynesWilliam Haynes2 months ago
  • The big bud from farming simulater

    gooz ygooz y2 months ago
  • wow

    seam farmerseam farmer2 months ago
  • Wonderful machines to screw the environment! Isn't the black smoke beautiful?

    Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECSProf. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS2 months ago
  • in belgium en Netherland we say dikke trekker

    mr farmmr farm2 months ago
  • I changed a few tires on the trailer hauling this earlier today shes on her way back home in Montana

    Juan MedinaJuan Medina2 months ago
  • very epic

    EDM WIREDEDM WIRED2 months ago
  • AL

    Erik LopezErik Lopez2 months ago
  • @welkerfarms Coolest most unexpected thing happened today. Heading home from work ( I live in South Dakota) when I pass this amazing 747 on the interstate.

    Denver LichDenver Lich2 months ago
  • Look who is running the loader. None other than Larry Maasdam.

    Tractor Talk with GaryTractor Talk with Gary2 months ago
  • Buy a 1000 fendt

    fungi xDfungi xD2 months ago
  • Finally leg arms video

    THE DOG & SPECTHE DOG & SPEC3 months ago
  • Just another big tractor. How many tractors could I purchase for the price of the tires? You need a big farm and a tanker to keep that tractor running. It was designed for production they need to cover the acres up there. Tractor like that are too big for where I am located. Plus the ground here is so steep that crawlers are the preferred tractor. For many years I run a modified D7 with a 3406 it would pull all day and I never shifted gears. Know they have quads.

    Bill WBill W3 months ago
  • The real question is when are they gonna throw the trips on there

    Jaimie HusulakJaimie Husulak3 months ago
  • love the sound of a Detroit 2 stroke. one bad azz tractor.

    Robert WeitlaufRobert Weitlauf3 months ago
  • I'll be that guy.. How much lift would I need to fit these on my truck? Will I need to trim any?

    Jeremy JohnstonJeremy Johnston3 months ago
  • WOW

    evris 11evris 113 months ago
  • Why the heck are they using the forklift to put the tires on when you have a tire hand sitting there?

    • @Ryan Borneke you move the equipment around the truck. Do one corner, pull it forward. Flip the tractor around and repeat. Truck stays put and takes 2 seconds to move the equipment. Thats the way I like to do it anyways.

    • Because if they used the tire hand they would have had to move to truck around a lot

      Ryan BornekeRyan Borneke2 months ago
  • That moment when you need a drone to watch a vehicle get its tires changed

    LoopGamingLoopGaming3 months ago
  • @LegArms you should try my Cat 797. She’s a big kitty and she’s fun. Sweet vid though thanks for sharing.

    Gabe DalleyGabe Dalley3 months ago
  • How long did that take to change all of them out?

    AgonistAgonist3 months ago
  • Why not give specs on it in all your talk ?

    R StamR Stam3 months ago
  • Müslüman olanlar +1

    Bünyamin KahramanBünyamin Kahraman3 months ago
  • I think...the old tires is bether than new.. too low tire profile.

    Tomo HorvatTomo Horvat3 months ago
  • #bigbudtractor

    AJ Rail FanAJ Rail Fan3 months ago
  • Класна ху ня.

    Андрій ТабахарнюкАндрій Табахарнюк3 months ago