We're Moving EVERYTHING!

Jul 8, 2020
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It's time! Grain bins are about to be built and our cold storage is empty and ready for equipment to be stored. Busy busy but great things are happening.
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  • Hey nick I will come to your farm sometime

    Koby GrimsrudKoby Grimsrud21 day ago
  • 8:00 HE NAILED IT!!!! YO ~ lol

    Alex MikhaelAlex MikhaelMonth ago
  • Wiggles needs a camera!!!!

    HU1212ICAN3HU1212ICAN3Month ago
  • We had a Shepard mix that lived a long life, even when he was having trouble walking he still loved chasing rabbits and other critters.

    Robert HoldingRobert HoldingMonth ago
  • Wiggles Comment.

    KENtucky ProudKENtucky Proud2 months ago
  • The welkers: we got two inches of ran which is a lot Me who lives in oregon

    Kellen’s WorkshopKellen’s Workshop2 months ago
  • I’m buying a fire truck for $50k

    YeetYeet2 months ago
  • A farm's not a farm without at least one dog

    mrman17mrman172 months ago
  • Get airless tires

    Mike EckardtMike Eckardt2 months ago
  • My after I m love you chanel, bat no suport the flags the corps the army the ee.uu (killed in the word) in you machines. Im sorry, my no suscribe. Bye 😥

    Dioni ParedesDioni Paredes2 months ago
  • What size building would you build?

    JD ManJD Man2 months ago
  • Great video!

    Floyd FergusonFloyd Ferguson2 months ago
    • Glad you enjoyed it

      Welker FarmsWelker Farms2 months ago
  • Mr welker reminds me of my old boss. Love the puns

    kory leaguekory league2 months ago
  • On second thought. Dad is awesome also.

    Kris P. BaconKris P. Bacon2 months ago
  • Wiggles is the best. More with him I want.

    Kris P. BaconKris P. Bacon2 months ago
  • Was all that steel made in the US? I hope so.

    Kris P. BaconKris P. Bacon2 months ago
  • "Consistency is the key"

    djmipsdjmips2 months ago
  • When you said peas and spraying together I thought I heard bees & spraying I was thinking good idea to move them. Dogs can be a pain mine will only enter by rear passenger door but will exit out the window as I’m stopping at home if she moves to front seat I have to coax her into back seat to exit although she enters my 2 seater thru the hatch back they get strange habits and I can never figure out what caused it. I know yours likes to ride on fender of a Big Bud

    Gene MurphyGene Murphy2 months ago
  • Is Hollywood like a blond limiting him to 30 minute lunches so he doesn’t have to be retrained? How do you handle the long periods of not operating Big Buds and combines etc.? Have you tried Tireject? Another USworldsr uses it he has shot free (not with a canon) range tires and they have sealed up. I don’t think it works with tubes though Are you sure that wasn’t a Jack-a-lope? I know they have them near Gillette, Wyoming.

    Gene MurphyGene Murphy2 months ago
  • At least the combines get to stretch their pipes XD

    TheEpicDragonCatTheEpicDragonCat2 months ago
  • Why are you storing the combined with the augers out?

    Nate FNate F2 months ago
    • @Robert Welker thanks, oh I see now with the augers out you have the room behind it.

      Nate FNate F2 months ago
    • So we can get 2and combine closer

      Robert WelkerRobert Welker2 months ago
  • Aah man im always dream to ever get to canada or something to farm cuz you cant farm in the netherlanda

    Bart EgberinkBart Egberink2 months ago
  • Ambelive the welker famili ,suport army ee.uu, stolen petról in Irak, asasins the civilians in Irak,Afganistán, Siria...😥😥😥👎

    Dioni ParedesDioni Paredes2 months ago
    • @Robert Welker no fredoms army the ee.uu, army the ee.uu is stolen petról and kill civileans in Irak, Siria... This army job for fredonm??? Camon... Im sorry, my no suport killed civilians.👎😥

      Dioni ParedesDioni Paredes2 months ago
    • Not sure what and where you're getting your assumptions. We support all people to have fundamental freedoms.

      Robert WelkerRobert Welker2 months ago
  • Your channel is so good

    GANNA EditsGANNA Edits2 months ago
  • Please understand this, you may not like trump, you may plan on not even voting, you dont like trump, but you cant stand biden, and you know the real truths about joe biden, his evils, corruptions, crimes, there is no way you could ever support biden, you never could vote biden,, well understand this, biden and them, hate you, will come after you also, they think you are trash for not supporting biden,, you better hope and pray biden does not win, because you will be shown the same violence as those who voted for trump,, that alone should cause you to think, swallow any pride, and vote trump, just think of your vote for trump, more as a vote against biden, if you must, just dont hold back and let biden win, do it for your childrens sake, future, or your friends sake, just vote. Against biden, for trump. Please.

    zachary arnoldzachary arnold2 months ago
  • You need to plant some more trees on your paddock boarders

    GANNA EditsGANNA Edits2 months ago
  • Wiggles is a legend

    GANNA EditsGANNA Edits2 months ago
  • Squiggles is the newest “toy” on the welker farm.👍

    Mike LMike L2 months ago
  • I like to see all the perspectives of the different people on the farm

    marshall krabsmarshall krabs2 months ago
  • Whats the point of extending the augers on the combines when they are stored? isnt that putting more weight on the joints?

    LukasLukas2 months ago
    • ooh is it because the boom would stick out in the back and take up more space?

      LukasLukas2 months ago
    • Robert Welker thanks for the reply! but why did you extend it? love the show and it always brings joy to my life! god bless you 🙏🏽

      LukasLukas2 months ago
    • But good observation

      Robert WelkerRobert Welker2 months ago
    • They are engineered to take the weight of grain while running down a bouncy field. If you notice JD have no cradle

      Robert WelkerRobert Welker2 months ago
  • Pop and Cobsters excellent adventures..!! Stay tuned...!! 🐕👷🏻‍♂️

    Pepp5150Pepp51502 months ago

    B CB C2 months ago
  • coby needed a big drink after chasing the rabbit..... why didn't you give a tired dog a drink of water ?? he is a happy dog

    thomas maloneythomas maloney2 months ago
    • Was done spraying and headed back to fill. Then he got his drink and said with his eyes let's go again

      Robert WelkerRobert Welker2 months ago
  • good job guys it cost money to keep a farm going

    john bernierjohn bernier2 months ago
  • I see pie in the corner over there

    john bernierjohn bernier2 months ago
  • Will you plant chem fallow to winter wheat or leave till next year good videos

    Andy KnoxAndy Knox2 months ago
    • Could happen if conditions this fall are decent

      Robert WelkerRobert Welker2 months ago
  • I also noticed Nick wasn't limping in this video, he seems to have had a pronounced limp the last few episodes

    Scott SorbyScott Sorby2 months ago
  • As much as I like watching you 3 guys run the farm Its Coby that I just love seeing because no matter how bad or how dark my day is he always brightens it up tremendously.. Thanks for sharing him Robert

    Scott SorbyScott Sorby2 months ago
  • We almost stoped by one day to see if you could see your farm from the road but it was Sunday so we didn’t bother you guys but you guys a a very nice setup for storage.👍

    What Hobo Groh KnowsWhat Hobo Groh Knows2 months ago
    • We were probably gone. It would be great to meet the people who drive by but it has been crazy getting the increasing work load done. Do thank you for being apart of this journey.

      Robert WelkerRobert Welker2 months ago
  • I just wanted to let you guys know you are doing a fantastic job. I have always admired farmers and all the hard work you do to supply the much-needed food for us to survive. Also I love the way that you have a flag on all of your farm equipment. My son just did this video I wanted to pass on to you about the American flag. usworlds.info/slow/video/faWOeHyXZqGjgZk take a minute to view it.

    Raeleen HancockRaeleen Hancock2 months ago