Leg Arms "Arm" Crushed|How It Happened

Oct 14, 2020
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What a horrible thing to happen to Scott Welker (Leg Arms). We are just so thankful it wasn't worse and that he will likely make a full recovery. Accidents like this are rare but always possible. Safety is so important and we must do what it takes to prevent such things. Thank you all for your support!
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  • Again just want to say just how thankful we are for all of your support. Leg Arms really appreciates it!

    Welker FarmsWelker FarmsMonth ago
    • Thanks

      Jake NichelsonJake Nichelson10 days ago
    • He’ll be ok just like all real men

      Bodi LearBodi Lear19 days ago
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Cooper BucknerCooper Buckner22 days ago
    • 15:00 tell him to pull up his pants and 15:00 no one wants to see his rear of the big bud tractors

      Cooper BucknerCooper Buckner22 days ago
    • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      Cooper BucknerCooper Buckner22 days ago
  • Thank god he's okay, that didn't look good at all

    Michael JonesMichael Jones20 hours ago
  • get well soon

    Karl OdonovanKarl Odonovan3 days ago
  • Hope legarms gets well soon

    Anthony UnderwoodAnthony Underwood3 days ago
  • About 2 months ago I cut of the tip of my tomb with a hachi

    William MadsenWilliam Madsen3 days ago
  • Just seen this and my prayer go out to you and your family!!

    Tristin MartinTristin Martin6 days ago
  • You're a lucky man to get out that lightly. A close friend of mine lost his life a few years ago while preparing his combine for the coming harvest, things like this happen in the blink of an eye.

    Daniel EdwardsDaniel Edwards7 days ago
  • Let's try and not do that again shall we. Any progress reports?

    Bill BuehnerBill Buehner8 days ago
  • Very sorry for the delay but we have been unable to complete your job

    Ruth SmithRuth Smith9 days ago
  • Get well soon Leg Arms I’m praying for you

    Ethan BrooksEthan Brooks9 days ago
  • i was taking the tire off my mud truck thats got 45 inch tires and 20 inch wide probaly weights 150 pounds and it fell over on my leg and crushed it i was in the hospital for a week cause i live out in the country were theres only one hospital tahts small and crappy i recovered but didnt walk without limping for 3 months

    Coy FosterCoy Foster10 days ago
  • Man i know how you feel i have 12 screws and two plates 47 Staples all together

    Matthew CombsMatthew Combs11 days ago
  • 24:10 unfortunately that's not how math works. it most likely weighs around 450 lbs

    Nombre Es JuanNombre Es Juan11 days ago
  • 😭 is he ok

    Ethan BroughtonEthan Broughton13 days ago
  • Man I feal bad

    yeet Send ityeet Send it14 days ago
  • Scott I'm so thankful you love the Lord Jesus Christ and God Bless you

    Brian LuftBrian Luft15 days ago
  • So sorry I hope you get heald very soon I will keep you and family in prayer love your videos the channel is awesome!

    Brian LuftBrian Luft15 days ago
  • Oof that X-ray was gnarly Please recover

    Error UnknownError Unknown15 days ago
  • Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, Scott. Sorry that happened to you, it's amazing that you came away intact my friend. God Bless.

    Pauly WalnutzPauly Walnutz15 days ago
  • I have a good name for her: "Christine", she have blood too now... good recovery

    MI DomMI Dom16 days ago
  • In March 1981 I flipped a Honda ATC 110 3 wheeler slowly going over the snow bank behind the dairy barn. The front tire sunk into the snow and it flipped sending me flying down the snow bank then the Honda 110 came down the hill landing on my left arm breaking both bones in my left lower arm completely.

    Boyd WBoyd W16 days ago
    • Ouch!!! Sorry to hear that

      Welker FarmsWelker Farms16 days ago
  • Somebody contact Robert Lwellyn (fully Charged)in England.

    Robert Xavier Betancourt JuniorRobert Xavier Betancourt Junior17 days ago
  • Elsie 990 Electric skid loader canbe control. Get well.

    Robert Xavier Betancourt JuniorRobert Xavier Betancourt Junior17 days ago
  • Get better

    Nicole SnoozyNicole Snoozy17 days ago
  • I have to say first of all that i wish rapid recovery to Scott , that was a painful experience that he shouldn't go through again ! With that been said i know all too well how he felt , i broke my right hip before a year and a half , i was lucky enough to be in Germany at the time and the surgery was a success , i am walking normally again even though the pain never goes away totally , there are steps and movements that can feel heavier than others , the weather changing suddenly became a whole other story for me anyway ...enough drama ! All i wanna say to Scott is this : Take care buddy , get strong again and next time make sure you are not doing heavy lifting alone . by the way the welding part was really awesome !!!!

    George IsaakGeorge Isaak17 days ago
  • 21:12 "when i slid it out it was like a wet noodle." quote leg arms. something i never thought i would ever hear

    lexi postlexi post17 days ago
  • feel your pain broke mine severely and fractured my elbow 3 times.

    Austin keelerAustin keeler17 days ago
  • Trans . Jack would have been safer and easier i done that job 100 times. His lack of experience cost him a broken arm he doesn't belong in that shop. Keep him in the house !

    Kevin KnoxKevin Knox19 days ago
  • Get well from the uk, I hope you had insurance.

    Alan TaylorAlan Taylor19 days ago
  • I sure hope u guy's keep safe please great videos. Thankyou

    kilroy bkilroy b19 days ago
  • There is a farmer named Andy...his channel Harmless Farmer. Oh 1 thing, Andy lost both arms in a farming accident when he was 8 . He's an amazing inspiration to us all if we think were having a bad day.

    Randys FiftySevenChevyRandys FiftySevenChevy19 days ago
  • The Bud will be okay. It was looking the opposite way.

    k hennek henne20 days ago
    • it was like... "what are you doing to my butt, stop it!!

      handymanstevehandymansteve19 days ago
  • Get well soon my brother may God be with you.

    Scott BivinsScott Bivins20 days ago
  • Bud. Another rule I have for myself is no non work boots in the shop. Even if I'm walking threw. Had a 3 inch piece of pipe roll off a work bench once to and it got my foot when I was wearing reg sneakers.

    Ravi PatelRavi Patel20 days ago
  • I've done stuff like that before. Not a good time once I was changing out a large ventilation fan and couldn't find the breaker. So I disconnect it live and the wire go knicked in connector. And I couldn't let go. Luckly my brother and a another guy that works for me that happens to be a good friend were next to me that day. My brother ended up cutting the wires that were live with a pair of insulated cutters. Be safe. Sometimes we all forget to take the extra step and it causes an accident. But prayers with you. I know first thing that goes threw your mind is family. Because ultimately that's the only thing that matters

    Ravi PatelRavi Patel20 days ago
  • Get well soon Leg Arms! I had a similar accident, not 100% recovered, but I think you will be. I broke all my ankle bones, and ripped most ligaments out. Fibula. Tibia, and Talus broken and I still have plates in it.

    Mark HolbrookMark Holbrook21 day ago
  • Man that mustve hurt... I remember one time while changing forage wagons, and after unhitching the full one, the tongue dropped on my foot, (I wasnt wearing my steel toe like I shouldve been) and I got major swelling on my foot and toes. Cant imagine the pain legarms went through. Hopes hes recovering well. God Bless yall, and I love ya guys!

    AncientSaltAncientSalt21 day ago
  • Old Buddy, you're tougher than bull hide son! You'll be back at it in no time. Prayers from Tennessee!

    Billy CollinsBilly Collins21 day ago
  • I am with you here. I broke both my wrists and my right arm so I know how it feels. I hope you get better

    Brandon AndersonBrandon Anderson21 day ago
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Newbie here. First time watching. Well, I did watch the video of the new tires. Prayers, going out to Leg Arm. Take care, and God bless. Central Indiana

    Don CroddyDon Croddy22 days ago
  • It is obvious that when the bar began to fall it was a natural human reaction to attempt to catch it. Accidents happen all of the time in heavy industrial industries due to that reaction. You have to train yourself to turn that reaction off and just let it fall. It is very hard to un program people to that reaction. When I was younger I worked in a large metal fabrication shop that built buckets and attachments for heavy equipment and I was in charge of safety and I trained all new employees to turn that reaction off.

    Whitey PowersWhitey Powers22 days ago
  • I'm probably a bit late, but speedy recovery Leg Arms!! That was on heavy hit!

    Weird Life Of RobWeird Life Of Rob23 days ago
  • never work alone my gramps and pops always told me and that was imp. advice in my 50 years of big equipment. maintenance.Get well stronger mate =)

    Woxineau CrowsWoxineau Crows23 days ago
  • I've been praying seeing what happened im glad it wasn't worse heres to a fast and speedy recovery the shop can wait to be cleaned

    jeff walton jrjeff walton jr23 days ago
  • Tis but a scratch.

    mje19Dmje19D23 days ago
  • Oh God Dam, oooouch!!! That definitely looked very bad.

  • NO. Not Leg Arms. Whyyyyyy. I hope you have an alright recovery. Stay safe.

    Anthonys rageAnthonys rage24 days ago
  • "Experience is the best teacher. And you will learn, my God, you will learn." C.S. Lewis

    Charles TiptonCharles Tipton24 days ago
  • I broke both my bones in my forearm with a lot less. I just fell on it and with what i saw you can be happy nothing worse happened. I hope you get better soon

    AdiAdi25 days ago
  • To a speedy recovery

    Kevin CarrollKevin Carroll25 days ago
  • Good luck with fast recovery fella from UK fans of the show too

    Rob MacRob Mac25 days ago
  • I'm so very sorry! Get well quickly!

    linda chandlerlinda chandler25 days ago
  • If you had john dear tractors that wouldn't have happened

    diseil turtlediseil turtle25 days ago
  • Ouch glad to see your doing well. Having a great mind and sense of humor will take you far.

    Heather BergstadHeather Bergstad25 days ago
  • HAHA my friend, haha

    dirtdudedirtdude25 days ago
  • Glad they was able to put ur arm back together i cut a finger off by getting it pinched in a dump truck tailgate and they put it back on crazy how quickly it can happen. Hope and praying for speedy recovery

    Boone BlackmonBoone Blackmon26 days ago
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    CovencraftCovencraft26 days ago
  • Get well soon man im glad you are doing good wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery take care

    Jason ThompsonJason Thompson26 days ago
  • hell of a fix

    JaredJared26 days ago
  • Hope you feel better soon!!

    Farmer KidFarmer Kid26 days ago
  • Get well Scott 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏

    Nicholas BaeuerlenNicholas Baeuerlen26 days ago
  • Fun fact if you're lifting all you think you can lift your only lifting about 1/4 of your total potential. In an extreme stress situation a man like leg arms could easily lift a 1000 pounds

    Robert StetsonRobert Stetson27 days ago
  • On steel like that why not heat area up torch- both pieces then weld, you will get even better job!

    Mike MillerMike Miller27 days ago
  • Hope leg arms is doing good now felt that touch of emotion in his voice in the video to long recovery ahead but there is a lot of people rooting for him!

    shane cunninghamshane cunningham27 days ago
  • Scott your health and faith will have you up and going in no time. I know it's tuff I broke my arm and leg 8 weeks apart. Good luck brother

    Greg AdomeitGreg Adomeit27 days ago
  • Yes! "The grace of God."

    MarcMarc27 days ago
  • That must suck seeing that happen to your brother

    Lamborghini FreakLamborghini Freak27 days ago
  • Avg weight of steel is 0.2904 lbs per cubic inch, with that just the 11’ of flatbar is 459.36 lbs add the hitch and your over 500.

    tuunmastertuunmaster28 days ago
  • till leg arms stay away from the big tractor

    Danielle MDanielle M28 days ago
  • Bionic leg arms now glad he is going to be good

    TEXAN1845TEXAN184528 days ago
  • Feel for u brother

    Larry MacGillivrayLarry MacGillivray28 days ago
  • So sorry that he h ad to go through that, glad that it worked out.

    psktonpskton28 days ago
  • WOWZERS! That's all I can say. Our thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. This accident potentially could have been far worse.................Not saying that it wasn't terrible as is. Imagine if you'd been laying flat on your back underneath of that drawbar 🤢🤮🤢

    PNW RCPNW RC28 days ago
  • Just watched MF. And was instructed to shout out a hey and how much we care up here in MN. So, get better fast, even the dinosaurs could work with two small arms so no big deal. Prayers out to you and your family. Be safe and at least you earned a new Sub.

    Jon McCargarJon McCargar28 days ago
  • Noooo not leg arms

    Billy The manBilly The man29 days ago
  • God bless you leg arms get well soon❤❤❤❤❤

    Echo cookieEcho cookie29 days ago
  • Feel better Scott!!

    DL LockardDL Lockard29 days ago
  • God bless you , good better. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🤕😢

    Kathrin Fendt IDEAL Mähdrescher StudtKathrin Fendt IDEAL Mähdrescher Studt29 days ago
  • I also broke my finger

    Scott McKeeScott McKee29 days ago
  • Hope he feels better

    Scott McKeeScott McKee29 days ago
  • prayers ur way

    Dave SchowengerdtDave Schowengerdt29 days ago
  • God bless

    humble haymakers fanhumble haymakers fanMonth ago
  • Ouch man! I pray for your speedy recovery.

    TWLML420TWLML420Month ago
  • Dude! I have the same red bottle jack and the same C.P. 1 inch drive impact on my service truck! (I'm a mobile OTR/AG tire Tech)

    TWLML420TWLML420Month ago
  • OMG!!! This is All most what i did. I broke my wrist. And had syrgery for 6 hours. and got a blocade in my shoulder. But i got the cast removed only about 3 dayes ago and started rehabilitation. so i know the drill and good luck to you my frinde from Rasmus in Denmark 🇩🇰

    Rasmus Laursen WiborgRasmus Laursen WiborgMonth ago
  • And in my country they say its easy to be farmer. Leg Arms i hope you get better.

    Ga BaGa BaMonth ago
  • Hope he feels well

    Will CurtinWill CurtinMonth ago
  • I hope Scott gets better soon

    Ayden KnightAyden KnightMonth ago
  • I hope he is healing quickly

    Nancy MayfieldNancy MayfieldMonth ago
  • As soon as I saw the bar sitting up on that jack, there wasn’t much guessing as to what happened next. Praying for a full recovery!

    ll KMark llll KMark llMonth ago
  • just like the weld on that bar, your arm will be stronger once its healed from this

    RaxisRaxisMonth ago
  • I broke both bones in my left arm just like that twice!! Got the cast off and two weeks later broke it again in the same exact spots... lol

    JB Pit BBQJB Pit BBQMonth ago
  • Leg Arm's you had God on your side. I saw someone lose an arm with half the weight. Take your time and let things heal. Big Bud is sorry it happened.

    Dale Leonard Sr.Dale Leonard Sr.Month ago
  • Sitting here getting misty over a broke arm. Smh. Get well soon. Gods word says in Proverbs 18:21, life and death are in the power of the tongue. Speak life to that grip strength in Jesus name. Love you guys, mean it.💚

    Bryan McFarlandBryan McFarlandMonth ago
  • i hope he is back

    Michael SwordsMichael SwordsMonth ago
  • 😭😔💙

    BondenBondenMonth ago
  • Ouch

    Garth SmithGarth SmithMonth ago
  • Shake hands with danger!

    Benji DriedgerBenji DriedgerMonth ago
  • Healed in the name of JESUS

    Dana KibbyDana KibbyMonth ago