Another WELKER?! 📣 🎊

Jul 22, 2020
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Another Welker! You saw it first here! Nothing better than some exciting news! Boy? Girl? Lets find out.
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  • The next generation of farmers!! Your dad oughta be loving it!! Bless y'all!!

    Hugh StephensonHugh Stephenson20 days ago
  • you guys are awesome

    Dark Wing DuckDark Wing Duck22 days ago
  • That’s actually a 94’ auger

    Powerstroke 444Powerstroke 444Month ago
  • the boom

    Veljko TiragicVeljko TiragicMonth ago
  • Congrats to the kids

    Kevin BeirigerKevin Beiriger2 months ago
  • Name; I like Walker Welker

    DonutmanDonutman2 months ago
  • Congrats guys.

    4b Farms LLC4b Farms LLC2 months ago
  • Unfortunately the color was made out of powdered herbicide. jk

    Chris DartingChris Darting2 months ago
  • "It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!"

    Chris DartingChris Darting2 months ago
  • Congratulations!! Praying for you, your family, and a healthy baby boy when he arrives into this amazing world God has made!!

    Tristin MartinTristin Martin3 months ago
  • Grats!

    mje19Dmje19D3 months ago
  • 6:22 that is a sweeeeet auger!!!

    Alex MikhaelAlex Mikhael3 months ago
    • 12:05 legarm go down the whoooo0000000oooolle !!! ( '' quote by ' *dukkie, care of baby loonie toons....)

      Alex MikhaelAlex Mikhael3 months ago
  • Cool that your Dad is participating in the video work!

    Al KurneyAl Kurney3 months ago
  • Congrats from PA

    chet burnsidechet burnside3 months ago
  • Congratulations

    Jose DelgadoJose Delgado3 months ago
  • A bit late but just catching up on vids after vacation. Congrats.

    Fisha695Fisha6953 months ago
  • I’m in school

    Casey ThompsonCasey Thompson3 months ago
  • Boy

    Casey ThompsonCasey Thompson3 months ago
  • Hey I see your car in John Deere sucks my dad owns a John Deere shop so don’t make fun anymore🤬🤬🤬

    Tara WalkerTara Walker3 months ago
    • *Calm down.*

      Pitter PatterPitter Patter17 days ago
  • Wut kind of spray to u guys use for your peas or soybeans we use vermoxone

    Caleb KnutsonCaleb Knutson3 months ago
  • congrats guys

    jacob cheneyjacob cheney3 months ago
  • CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you!xxx

    Vitor SilvaVitor Silva3 months ago
  • Did you guys put in a bilge pump and float into the pit yet to stop this for good ?

    Bob HaskinBob Haskin3 months ago
  • Great video!

    Floyd FergusonFloyd Ferguson3 months ago
  • Congratulations Mr and Mrs Legarms, on your FUTURE LITTLE BOY. You guys are GREAT PARENTS and a GREAT FAMILY.

    Andy WilliamsAndy Williams3 months ago
  • Congratulations LegArms and Mrs LegArms

    Kevin ChristiansenKevin Christiansen3 months ago
  • Boy

    Kevin ChristiansenKevin Christiansen3 months ago
  • Any safety issues about air quality and ventilation in a confined space?

    Arthur RobertsArthur Roberts3 months ago
  • Great video Welkers

    Kevin ChristiansenKevin Christiansen3 months ago
  • Congrats Welkers! Won’t be long till y’all have more operators and truck drivers helping out!

    Jason RichJason Rich3 months ago
  • 2020 where because of COVID Farmer's around the world are producing more kids then they will be crops lol

    CWATTYESOGamingForFunCWATTYESOGamingForFun3 months ago
  • That's a great way to end the video! So happy for you guys!

    James ThomasJames Thomas3 months ago
  • Congratulations

    J P DJ P D4 months ago
  • congrats hope on a healthy little fella 😉

    Pieter HamstraPieter Hamstra4 months ago
  • Why no video on 7/29/2020?

    Paul KraghPaul Kragh4 months ago
  • How do they water their fields

    Ch SaabCh Saab4 months ago
  • Congratulations Scott and your wife, happy times, God Bless

    Jerry FifeJerry Fife4 months ago
  • What the biggest tractor that you have

    Demon gamer101 Zac proDemon gamer101 Zac pro4 months ago
  • Congratulations Mr & Mrs Leg Arms! Praying God's blessings over your growing family!

    windasmanwindasman4 months ago
  • Congratulations 🎉🎊! God bless you and yours.

    Ed MdEd Md4 months ago
  • Grats Mr Arms

    MrFakitMrFakit4 months ago
  • congrats guys

    ironwolf16alphaironwolf16alpha4 months ago
  • Congratulations leg arms

    Gabe GarciaGabe Garcia4 months ago
    • God bless you guys

      Gabe GarciaGabe Garcia4 months ago
  • Congratulations brother hoping the best for you and your family

    Wandering TexanWandering Texan4 months ago
  • Congrats and thanks for sharing with us. I needed to see some happiness today

    J RobertsonJ Robertson4 months ago
  • Congrats!

    The Western Sky RanchThe Western Sky Ranch4 months ago
  • Leg arms...Sir. I use Muggy-weld 77 on cast iron jobs and have never looked back on Brazing. A 200 degree preheat to drive out the moisture and lay the rod to it. Does a beautiful job.

    Robert DavisRobert Davis4 months ago
  • Dog friendly stairs! Onscreen dog treats as well.... ty

    wookiewaynewookiewayne4 months ago
  • Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Legarms! And Grampa too! Oh heck, the whole Welker gang!

    Albert JagtAlbert Jagt4 months ago
  • Congratulations Scott and Mrs Welker, and to the entire Welker farm.... God Bless!

    Jake RobertsJake Roberts4 months ago
  • Congratulations!!

    Bill SkorosBill Skoros4 months ago
  • Got to try one of those new grain weevils

    James FormanJames Forman4 months ago
  • Congrats you guys! Living the dream

    flyingmerkelflyingmerkel4 months ago
  • Congrats! 🎉

    EricB42044EricB420444 months ago
  • It's obvious, you're having a baby Welker Farms hat!!

    ztrayn Ted Zabelztrayn Ted Zabel4 months ago
  • Congratulations !!

    Darryl AckimenkoDarryl Ackimenko4 months ago
  • So awesome leg arms congrats to you and your family god bless you all

    Dan FinleyDan Finley4 months ago
  • Congratulations

    John KruegerJohn Krueger4 months ago
  • I hope it's cute

    Levi HoferLevi Hofer4 months ago
  • Congratulations leg arms

    Kent HansonKent Hanson4 months ago
  • Where did your grandfather come from when he moved to your farm? Your dog is awesome I had a Chesapeake that would jump and run like him!

    James CullenJames Cullen4 months ago
  • Yo

    iBelieveiBelieve4 months ago
  • Hello

    iBelieveiBelieve4 months ago
  • Hey

    iBelieveiBelieve4 months ago
  • Hi

    iBelieveiBelieve4 months ago
  • Sup

    iBelieveiBelieve4 months ago
  • I’m just shocked that you had enough time off work to make a baby lol. Congratulations to all the family. Stephen.

    Stephen RossStephen Ross4 months ago
  • Congradulatiins to Mr. and Ms. Leg Arms and the Entire Welker Clan.

    Jerry SantosJerry Santos4 months ago
  • 4 upcoming young men to grow the farm and 2 young ladies to start the stable yard and some draft horse farming.

    Michael EvansMichael Evans4 months ago
  • Congrat Scott !

    William CatchpoleWilliam Catchpole4 months ago
  • Congratulations leg arms and to the rest of the walker farms family

    Duane BrownDuane Brown4 months ago
  • Congratulations guys

  • Love the vids! Im from Sweden 🇸🇪🔥

    Axel EhnAxel Ehn4 months ago
  • Congratulations. Nuff said.

    Kevin LeschKevin Lesch4 months ago
  • Awesome

    Deja VuDeja Vu4 months ago
  • Congrats on your growing family.

    greg gardnergreg gardner4 months ago
  • Congratulations from us at the Carson Rose farm in Saskatchewan.

    Gerry WillemsGerry Willems4 months ago
  • how many total grandchildren

    Glenn ManleyGlenn Manley4 months ago
  • It’s my birthday day please keep up the great work

    Ardis Bros ltdArdis Bros ltd4 months ago
  • Congratulations on the Soon to be Baby boy ..

    Jeff GokiertJeff Gokiert4 months ago
  • Congratulations look video keep up the work

    christopher lindchristopher lind4 months ago
  • I my experience when replacing a pump or motor you should replace both at the same time. 90% of the time the other "good part" will fail in a short time also. Congratulations on the new addition!

    DD2DD24 months ago
  • Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈

    Eric TraceEric Trace4 months ago
  • Congratulations leg arms

    Man is full of farming simulatorMan is full of farming simulator4 months ago
  • Congrats Lady leg arms and leg arms, from southern Michigan. My daughter ( Caprice ) is now 23 and loves helping on our 43 acre farm.

    Ski's Place/D-C AcresSki's Place/D-C Acres4 months ago
  • Good luck Leg Arm's. Boys are hard to raise but I know you can handle it God bless Bless America..

    EARL GAGNEEARL GAGNE4 months ago
  • Congratulations!!

    jeff myersjeff myers4 months ago
  • Congrats!

    Mark -Mark -4 months ago
  • Congratulations!

    Larry HicksLarry Hicks4 months ago
  • Oh wow congratulations Scott and family, so awesome, best wishes from New Zealand 👍 Stay safe.

    Darren KayesDarren Kayes4 months ago
    • Thanks 👍

      Welker FarmsWelker Farms4 months ago
  • Great Job Scott! I love listening to your dad love that he got involved!!!

    Farmer CarsonFarmer Carson4 months ago
  • Congratulations on your new family member. Do you guys have have your own scales to weigh your loads before you dump into your bins? The reason I ask is to know your lose in moisture weight.

    Tim FlomerTim Flomer4 months ago
  • Congratulations

    Gary GoldenGary Golden4 months ago
  • Congrats Mr.Legarms and Mrs.Legarms

    Tristen LynchTristen Lynch4 months ago
  • You really should find out what causes that . But any way congrats leg arms .

    robert bakerrobert baker4 months ago
  • Baby Arms !!!!!

    Dan LoweryDan Lowery4 months ago
  • Congratulations to Mr leg arms and mrs leg arms on their new addition to the family..

    kells 55kells 554 months ago
  • CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JB Pit BBQJB Pit BBQ4 months ago
  • Well from the Netherlands congratulations family Welker! I did end expected any else from Scott, Robert thanks for the little historic talk and explanation about the soil and background! Loving it to follow all adventures from the family Welkers , you guy's where on the Cornstar farm as well ! This is the other farmer who i am always follow in the progress , Cole , Cooper and there dad are doing this great as well.

    jan Frankenajan Frankena4 months ago
  • Congrats for you and your family. Spitting done the hole wouldn’t be too bad, peeing would be the worst. 🙏🙏 for good health for you wife and a healthy baby boy.

    Darrel SDarrel S4 months ago